This vase was a special project for my wife. She had received this vase as a gift from her aunt and it contained a gold colored glass insert. When she went to unpack it the glass case was broken. I created a new insert from a single block of Big Leaf maple Burl. This is one of our favorite items.
   This lidded container was constructed from figured maple staves with blackwood dividers and a Bloodwood base. The lid is Black and White Ebony with blackwood and maple rings separating the Bloodwood top.
   These two items were constructed for a club contest put on by Gwinnett Woodworkers of which I was a member. The contest was called a 2X4 contest and the participants could build anything they wanted from a single 2X4X8. The cookie jar was created from 24 peice segmented rings with an Intarsia feature ring.The clock has hand made nuts and bolts and the mechanism in inserted into a segmented holder.